Reservoir Rock Ltd. is a Nigerian limited liability company incorporated in 2012. We currently specialze in offshore ship brokering and logistics sourcing tanker freight services to third party customers through the use of freight contracts either on spot or on time charter basis.

Our clients vary from a global variety of ship owners, offshore contractors, bunkering service providers and oil majors. Our capability is central to providing (based on your requirement) reliable, on time, and efficient vessels for both downstream and upstream projects at a competitive cost.

Ideally Reservoir Rock Ltd. will provide you with a selection of tanker vessels, barges, tug boats etc and their complete details. An advantage of using a broker is that our vessels has not limit as we constantly strive to build relationships with different ship owners worldwide, which will enable us to better serve our clients.

Quality of Service

As a client-relations company, we ensure speedy delivery and client satisfaction. As brokers, we abide by certain guidelines:

  • Execute and provide services based on the clients requirement
  • Ensure due diligence has been properly executed on vessels or chartering jobs
  • Ensure that all our employees execute works and provide services in accordance with the postulated quality statement
  • Hoding ourselves directly responsible and accountable for logistical aspect of the jobs
  • Continually evaluate the system to ensure client satisfaction
  • Communicate fully with both parties to ensure we are all on the same page
  • Provide resources to realize these objectives
  • Verification of contracts prior to execution when necessary