Sales & Purchase

Ensuring that your acquisition or sale of second hand vessels or offshore equipment is one of our unique strengths, with our wide database of second hand vessels on the market, we can assure our client the best price on either side.


It is the belief of Reservoir Rock Ltd. that financing of an acquired vessel (second hand or newly built) should go hand-in-hand with Sales and Purchase. It also fills a void in the Nigerian maritime industry, this gap between the goals of the Nigerian maritime companies and the lack of financing available to them is an opportunity that needed to be grapsed. Providing offshore facility funding to companies that qualify will strongly assist Nigerians in meeting their vessel ownership needs.


We are very active in both Dry cargo and Tanker chartering, this has become the backbone of the company, we specialize in the

    Downstream Maritime
    • Maritime petroleum transportation of clean refined petroleum products.
    • Integrated transportation solutions (pre-fixture, in route and post-fixture monitoring)
    • Tanker Chartering
    • Offshore Marine Support
    • Commercial Ship Management
    • Floating Petroleum Storage Solutions
    • Towing and Tuging
    • Ship Brokerage
    Upstream Maritime
    • Security Patrol Boat
    • Seismic Jobs
    • Vessel Chartering - Anchor Handling Tug Supply(AHTS) vessels, Platform Support Vessels(PSV), Diving Support Vessels(DSV), Fast Support Intervention Vessels(FSIV), Pipe Lay Vessels, Mooring Boat and Barges(Self propelled and Non propelled)